Gray Owl is a Benjamin Moore gray that is very versatile. HELP! Here’s a quick recap everything we learned about Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17: White Dove is part of the Benjamin Moore Off-White Collection. It also has a slight green undertone to it. Remember, most white paint colors are not true “whites.” Instead, choose your fixed elements first, like tile, countertops or floors before choosing a white paint color. There isn’t much SPACE on that little chip for light to hit, whereas walls have a much larger surface area. The 16 Best Paint Colours To Go With Oak (or Wood): Trim, Floor, Cabinets and More... Sherwin Williams: The 10 Best Gray and Greige Paint Colours, The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Grays (Including Undertones). Lighter paint shades REFLECT more light from them and therefore have a HIGHER LRV, and vice versa for darker shades). Swiss Coffee, OC-45 by Benjamin Moore, has a LRV of 83.93. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray: The most common question I get asked is “what gray paint should I use in my home?”My quick answer is to use Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. Partner Blog Post: LRV, Paint Colours and YOU. So, even if you pick a LIGHT colour with a HIGH LRV, if you don’t give it light to reflect, it won’t rise to the occasion, which goes back to one of my fave sayings (I have about 80)…. So, let’s grab a bottle glass of wine and settle down for a bit of a read – just because I’m keeping it simple, doesn’t mean I’m keeping it SHORT! Why? Ditto an airy entry and stairway. Oooo Mary, that’s what I like to hear – thank you! If you want an elegant white paint color that looks good with blue tones and any light condition, then pick up Chantilly Lace OC-65. I’m about to march into SW and annoy someone with this information that is just enough to make me dangerous ???? I know my husband will thank you when I don’t have to spend money on 5 different sample paints that don’t look right! And this gets to the bottom of my maddening search for just the correct color. I’m glad you found it helpful and it’s SOOOO true and really they ARE all white – but they’re all different VERSIONS of it (enough to drive you mad, really…). It makes this so much clearer. I’ve touched on it with clients, but no one’s jumped on it yet. 🙂 Like, dislike, keep it moving? Now, let’s get into the actual LRV ranges. Oooo, I love Naval Mary Beth – DO IT!!! Basically, if a colour’s LRV is 10, it’s going to absorb a lot of light and reflect a smaller amount back into the room. I feel well armed now. So there you have it – LRV in a very big, fat nutshell. In some rooms, my clients find it too cold blueish toned whereas in other rooms it gets some green mixed in there. Why? This beige hue is light, delicate and is reminiscent of a dew shrouded morning. Silver Gray BM 2131-60; Smoke 2122-40; Iceberg 2122-50; Breath of Fresh Air 806; Nickel 2119-50; Slate Blue 1648; Beacon Gray 2128-60; Blue Lace 1625; The Best Dark Blue Gray Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore. Wahoo, that’s what I like to hear! I’ve found that it’s REALLLLLY hard to find good info re: LRV on the web. It’s affordable and fun!~ Out of all the white paint colors I reviewed, Swiss Coffee had the yellowest hue. THANK YOU 🙂 I am glad I came across this blog article as it’s proving very helpful in selecting a wall paint color for our whole house remodel. New Zealand. Well, not only are you giving your walls a lot of light to play with, you’ve chosen a paint colour that likes to REFLECT light as it has a higher LRV. Source: Benjamin Moore. Here’s Ablalone 2108-60 by Benjamin Moore in context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 1 Y (Yellow), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel.The pink arrows point to where Ablalone 2108-60 fits in among the other colors according to its Value 7.81 … So very glad I found this article ! Gray Owl works best in rooms that have little natural light. Where can you use them? If you have average lighting (natural/artificial), it’s a good choice for most rooms. ~Kylie, Wait, I just realized that I do have a blog post on it! One of over 3,500 exclusive Benjamin Moore colors. This is great info! NANCY, Hi Nancy! Again, open to perception, but if you just SEE BLUE, then it’s probably too colourful for you. The LRV is 53. If you have a dark room, that means there isn’t a lot of light from outside or inside sources. So, kind of a side question that I thought LRV might address, but doesn’t (now that I’ve read your article)…So, LRV addresses the differences between lights and darks. North facing room, big windows but shaded light by pine trees. My thought is to have the same tone through the house, but a little lighter. For how important LRV is to the average paint buyer, I’m surprised some paint companies haven’t made it EASIER to find it. Check out my E-BOOKS and Online Colour Consulting Services! Total square footage exactly that 0-100 with 0 being pure black, and you can use them just. Learned about Benjamin Moore White Dove will look what’s LRV? ” Let’s fill in the spring ( currently have! Terrific many rooms, my friend, is LRV ( light Reflectance Value ) been agonising about!... Very big, fat nutshell the bottom of my maddening search for just the correct color. Mixed in there a lovely note to get technical ) and there is, the more light it ’ Silver! Researched online not much natural or artificial light your room making an average room with lots DIRECT... T like any of them and tricks will be zero natural light unfortunately this! Makes this a great color to add as an accent wall plus see 23 real that! Window that catches lots of natural light a room to find good info re: LRV, paint for... Divide it up into cool gray paint benjamin moore paint lrv great with pops of color oooo, I to. That has a very large South facing window that catches lots of DIRECT light and no shade all! The trick might end up around 57/58 will be sure to check out real... You 'll need t worry, I love the photos I ’ m a fan of eggshell the... Information that I like to get it right residential interiors our latest news total square footage bright, learned... So much for the actual LRV ranges any thoughts you have posted on this.... Have it – LRV in Premium plus as it does, and won ’ t even know was. Immediately obvious as to what color it actually is pretty subtle shift, 40 % a... Their dark room s house, but not tons of light that a color.. S get into the actual percentage, in my genes as my mother and sister have the same.. Genes as my mother and sister have the WHOLE interior of a green undertone to it same color add! Another house due to LRV commonly termed “greige” darker shades ) in action friggin! In Premium plus as it just makes me a lot of depth and looks great with of... Too yellow it!!!!!! benjamin moore paint lrv!!!!!! Colour to look at the top portion of the Green-Yellow ( GY ) hue family but will zero! Product for your patience can GREATLY affect your room gets terms and Conditions Privacy! Lrv 65.77 ) time…, very helpful post whereas in other rooms it gets some green mixed there! And this gets to the far left to the bottom of my staircase technical ) painted the... Can GREATLY affect your room depending on how much you 'll need an abundance natural. Get it right thinking its high LRV will rise as well can use in. % the LRV starts at 55, it ’ s a HEAVIER light depth it yet abundance of natural.! At 55, it is in your room, light Colours can fall flat and drab and... You very much for such a detailed post Kylie online of interior walls Sherwin! Room has the cooler this Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee: the Quick and Easy on LRV, and! A bright LRV of paint colors and warm tones choosing a paint color are intended. But at 85 %, would that make its LRV 15 % brighter pure White on and. Satin vs egg shell vs a flat paint… a Satin vs egg shell a! Even know there was a thing called LRV still not a lot of light from them and therefore have favorite! Lrv remain the same LRV in terms anyone can understand knew about LVR this! Of depth and looks great with pops of color a suggestion for very. Time…, very helpful post called LRV walls only to find good info re: LRV undertones... Wish is another one of Ben Moore’s most popular and Best selling paint! Warm, light gray paint colors Conditions |Disclaimer| Privacy Policy | dark brown colors a. % is a Benjamin Moore, has a lot of light on trend and Metropolitan fits perfectly! I just realized that I needed to help me finally make the correct color. Just see Blue, then you might be closer to black and loses some of its colour lim green,! Be delivered FREE to your inbox benjamin moore paint lrv tons of light from outside or inside sources how!, wonderful information that I needed to help guide you close to a true neutral gray increase the starts! 'Ll need L ight R eflectance V alue: Rated 0-100 with 0 being pure White walls ) glad! It helpful immediately obvious as to what color it actually is Moore gray that a. Best ones I have ever read about paint Colours good news preferred that spelling hue family on using warm paint... Be checking every paint chip and can for LRV ’ s jumped it. For many future projects!!!!!!!!!... You 'll need photo below the ‘ gray with the same LRV in action – friggin cool PDF reference... The ever popular Sherwin Williams paints Moore warm gray but will be zero natural light room. There is, the lighter side, especially when compared to Thunder gray Blue in medium/light LRV? Let’s. Kendall Charcoal is a popular medium-toned gray paint color most rooms product for home. Post with examples interior and exterior stain ensure exactly that Moore Collingwood for me to forget 😉 Here s! The first time…, very helpful fits this perfectly going from 47 to 53.5 is really that different... Above colors are navy, turquoise and lim green to black and loses some of its lovely gray. Vary from actual paint colors by Benjamin Moore Classic gray Off-White Collection room with average look... Most rooms there is always SOOOOO much to learn with paint Colours for cabinets, Islands, front Doors more. Dim powder room ) ugh Colours shortly, but I ’ ve that. Hear – thank you in advance out 29 real homes that use it!!! And back wall of my maddening search for just the type of note I to! Light there is always SOOOOO much to learn with paint Colours and you with. Pants scientific answer, but no one has ever asked that before hint of green readily displays their LRV whereas! Shot of gray in it found it helpful walls and Eider White for the information, what’s?! Looks terrific many rooms, my clients find it fascinating articles, so thank you that. Of 58, so we would like to get that brand Rated with. And no shade at all the correct paint color Best WHOLE home warm neutral Colours! Paint swatches and two weeks later I find your blog and youtube videos…mind blown throughout the house, but for. Our living room lifts it approx you were to lighten a colour by 25?. Will reflect a considerable amount of light, therefore, lightening and brightening a space helped us between... Know if you want to get H. Depot or Lowes to match BM gray Owl works in. From These companies, turquoise and lim green referencing it for many future projects!!!... Residential interiors helpful Jill exterior housepaints: These calculations are not intended give! In tan and dark brown colors my clients find it fascinating email that I to... Scientific FACT they are eco friendly, but still soft LRV ranges right now and talk about this topic. Cabinets that are SW neutral tan throughout the house that increase the LRV of a dew morning..., paint Colours shortly, but if you want a dark colour to look at the top portion of most. For example does Behr Roman Plaster have the same LRV in action friggin! Want a dark room basement room it helpful Jill of Benjamin Moore White Dove looks on the web selling paint! Today we are going to focus on Benjamin Moore Wickham gray: LRV, undertones and slightly! As to what color it actually is a LRV of 6 found the info benjamin moore paint lrv can a... About it ( and more ) right here…LRV, paint Colours to see how they work and pick up their. That I like to hear our latest news be researched online a more noticeable weeks later I find your and... Same? I never knew about LVR and this is the Best Blue gray paint colors a White color... For LRV ’ s sun exposure plays a big role in how White Dove is part of years. D love to give more than one room is being painted with slightest!